Founder.  Educator.   Survivor.

Mirakles was founded by Maria Lupita because she felt that more could be done to offer Marriage, Relationship & Communication and Mental Health Education to adults who were brokenhearted or struggling in her community so these people could apply the skills themselves. Ms. Lupita was unable to sit by and watch people unnecessarily suffer when she knew Mental Health Education would help. Ms. Lupita’s life was dramatically transformed through these tools.

Maria did not grow up with the best relationship and mental health education skills.  Most of her childhood was spent with her grandmother who had 9 children, and each had kids of their own. When everyone came over for dinner, it turned into a party, then the party turned into drinking, and the drinking turned into a fight. Very often, something got broken. This, for little, young Maria, was her normal life. Along with this, she was molested by five (5) of her uncles all through her childhood, from the age of memory until she was 11 years old. She thought there was no hope. She personally knows what it is like to grow up not knowing her biological father, experiencing divorce later in her adult life and attempting suicide twice (2) herself. When she found Marriage & Relationship Communication and Mental Health Education, she realized that she had become a statistic and that much trouble could have been prevented had she known what she knows now.
The reason Ms. Lupita is so passionate about Marriage & Relationship Communication and Mental Health Education is because, in spite of her brokenness and toxic past, this type of education gave her lifetime tools that gave, and give her hope.  She knows of too many men and women struggling, hurting, crying, just longing to find a safe place, someone to trust and to guide them and hold their hand while encouraging them that everything will work out. She knows that the services of Mirakles change lives and empower adults to create healthy and loving environments.
Ms. Lupita knows that struggling and heartbroken adults is not a “them” issue but, rather, “our social” issue.  She knows Mirakles can empower adults to be strong and stable, which, in turn, enables social stability. We must give hurting people hope and the right tools along the way, standing with them as she is doing through Mirakles. 

We Are Empowered By...


We  are a Christ Faith Based Organization.  However, although all that we  do here at Mirakles is empowered by God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus  Christ, our purpose is not to check "christian id's" but simply to Love  and Serve those who are hurting, regardless of who they are or what they  believe in.  

Our Board


We  are grateful for Board of Directors and Advisors.  As we know, none of  this would be possible without them.  We are grateful for Pastor Don  Sciortino, Walter Wong, Joel Ayres, Bobby O. Wallace, Alex Mora, Cameron Sehat and Dr. Consuelo Wallace to name a few.